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Do you know you can retain your youth with half the effort & double the joy. You can feel and look years younger by simply stock your beauty cabinets with the right products & right outfit which suit your personality & most important the right and positive attitude.

Apart from right skincare makeup and eating right not eating less or dieting is the key to it. But keeping a positive attitude and a light workout or exercise will keep you young always. Being happy all the time & wearing a smile & keeping a positive attitude all the time will help you reduce the stress and lighten the atmosphere around you. An Eight hour sleep will help the skin from aging.

Next comes is choosing the right kind of attire for yourself, well choosing the right dress as per your body shape is the key.

Conservative Dress Lengths
These Dresses have hems at the shin, or tea length; at ankle length; or at floor length. Ideal for medium-height or tall women but these dresses should be avoided by women who are short built. The choice of a straight, slim fit is perfect for those women who have slender thighs and hourglass and wedge body shapes.

Casual Dress Lengths
A hemline that stays at the base of the knee is the ideal dress length for women of any body type. Casual dress lengths could also have the hems within two inches above or below the knee. Fit-n-flare dresses, A-line skirts, paneled skirts, and pencil skirts with slits belong to this category. Most women carry off these outfits successfully irrespective of their body shape.

Sporty Dress Lengths
Sporty dress lengths are ideal for women who have shapely legs and slender thighs. Micro minis, minis, and shorts are well suited to shapely women, which allows the wearer to carry off the short skirt with confidence.Bridal Dresses